Your Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Plus
June 18, 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to Snapchat Plus

If you’re like me and love everything about Snapchat, then you’re in for a treat. Snapchat Plus, often stylized as Snapchat+, is here to take your Snapchat experience to the next level.

Whether you’re an avid Snapper or just curious about what extra goodies you can get, this guide covers everything you need to know about Snapchat Plus—from its awesome features to how you can get it.

Let’s dive in!

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What is Snapchat Plus?

Think of Snapchat Plus as the VIP pass to all things Snapchat. It’s a subscription service that gives you access to exclusive features, early releases of new functionalities, and a whole lot more. Perfect for those who can’t get enough of Snapchat!

Key Features of Snapchat Plus

  • Exclusive Badges
    • Friend Solar System: Ever wondered how close you are to your friends on Snapchat? This feature shows your position in your friends’ solar systems, indicating how much you interact.
    • Custom App Icons: Bored of the same old Snapchat icon? Choose from a variety of custom icons to give your app a fresh look.
    • Subscriber Badge: Flaunt your Snapchat Plus status with a shiny star badge next to your username.
  • Enhanced Customization
    • Story Rewatch Indicator: Curious about who’s rewatching your stories? This feature lets you see how many friends are replaying your snaps.
    • Best Friends Forever: Pin your bestie as your #1 Best Friend, making it clear to everyone who your Snapchat BFF is.
    • Ghost Trails: Track the movements of your friends over the past 24 hours on Snap Map (with their permission, of course).
  • Early Access to New Features
    • Get a sneak peek and exclusive access to new Snapchat features before they’re available to everyone else.
  • Priority Story Replies
    • Your replies to Snap Stars (those cool verified accounts) will get noticed faster, increasing your chances of getting a reply.
  • Snapchat Plus Eyes on Story
    • See who’s rewatching your stories and how often they’re doing it. It’s like having insider info on your most engaging content.
  • Custom Backgrounds and Emojis
    • Jazz up your chats with exclusive backgrounds and emojis available only to Snapchat Plus subscribers.
  • Streak Restore
    • Accidentally lost a Snapstreak? No worries, Snapchat Plus lets you restore those cherished streaks.

Pricing and Availability

Snapchat Plus is available in many countries and costs around $3.99 per month.

If you’re in the UK, it’s about £3.49 per month, and in Turkey, it’s roughly 39.99 TRY.

In India, you can get it for around ₹49 per month. opt for the six-month or yearly plans to save some cash!

Benefits of Snapchat Plus

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Enjoy a more personalized and richer Snapchat experience.
  2. Insightful Analytics: Know more about your content’s performance with the Story Rewatch Indicator.
  3. Stay Ahead: Be the first to try out new Snapchat features.
  4. Greater Interaction: Get better chances of interaction with Snap Stars.
  5. Snapstreak Maintenance: Easily restore lost Snapstreaks.

How to Subscribe to Snapchat Plus?

  1. Open Snapchat: Make sure you have the latest version of Snapchat.
  2. Profile Settings: Click on your profile icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Snapchat+ Section: Look for the Snapchat+ banner or option and tap it.
  4. Choose a Plan: Pick your favorite subscription plan—monthly, six-month, or yearly.
  5. Payment: Follow the prompts to complete your payment.

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What is the cost of Snapchat Plus?

  • It’s around $3.99 per month. You can save more with the six-month and yearly plans.

Can I cancel my Snapchat Plus subscription anytime?

  • Absolutely! Cancel anytime through your app store’s subscription management settings.

Will I lose my Snapchat Plus benefits immediately after canceling?

  • Nope, you’ll keep enjoying the benefits until the end of your current billing cycle.

Are there any ads in Snapchat Plus?

  • Snapchat Plus doesn’t remove ads, but it offers a lot of other cool features.

Is Snapchat Plus available globally?

  • It’s available in many countries. Check in the app to see available countries.

Can I share my Snapchat Plus subscription with others?

  • Sorry, it’s tied to individual accounts and can’t be shared.

How do I access new features as a Snapchat Plus subscriber?

  • New features will automatically be available to you. Just keep your app updated.

Will my friends know if I am a Snapchat Plus subscriber?

  • Yes, there will be a star badge next to your username.

Are there any privacy concerns with features like Ghost Trails?

  • Ghost Trails require friends to share their location. You control what info you share.

What is the Snapchat Plus Orbit Order?

  • It shows the order of friends in your solar system.

How do I get a Snapchat Plus badge?

  • It’s automatic when you subscribe.

What does the Snapchat Plus Gold Ring mean?

  • It signifies high engagement with a particular friend.

Are there Snapchat Plus hidden features?

  • Yes, there are hidden features of snapchat plus which were Ghost Trails and Story Rewatch Indicators.

How do I see who rewatched my stories on Snapchat Plus?

  • It will show you who has rewatched and how many times.

What are the Snapchat Plus different plans?

  • A: Monthly, six-month, and yearly plans.

What payment methods are accepted for Snapchat Plus?

  • Various methods through app stores, including credit/debit cards.

Is there a free trial for Snapchat Plus?

  • Sometimes! Check the app for any current free trial offers.

Can I get a refund for Snapchat Plus?

  • Refund policies depend on the app store’s terms and conditions.

When was Snapchat Plus released?

  • It launched in June 2022.

How much revenue does Snapchat Plus generate?

  • Specific figures aren’t disclosed, but it’s a significant part of Snapchat’s revenue.

Can I download Snapchat Plus for free?

  • Snapchat Plus is a paid service. Beware of free download claims—they’re likely scams.

Are there any Snapchat Plus coupons or discount codes available?

  • Occasionally. Check the app for current promotions.

Can I use a gift card to subscribe to Snapchat Plus?

  • Yes, if the app store supports gift cards for subscriptions.

Is there an APK download for Snapchat Plus?

  • Only download Snapchat Plus through official app stores to avoid scams.

Q: How much does Snapchat Plus cost in the UK?

  • The cost of snapchat plus in UK is about £3.49 per month.

Is there a Snapchat Plus free subscription?

  • No, It’s a paid service, but you can look for free trails.

Can I get Snapchat Plus cheap?

  • Discounts are available for longer-term plans.

Does Snapchat Plus have location features?

  • Yes, including Ghost Trails and live location sharing.

Can I see my location history with Snapchat Plus?

  • Yes, it includes location history features.

What new features are available in Snapchat Plus?

  • Always check for updates, as new features are frequently added.

How does Snapchat Plus enhance replay snaps?

  • You get additional insights and potentially more replay options.

How to download Snapchat Plus for free on iOS or Android?

  • It’s a paid service. Official subscriptions must be purchased through app stores.


Snapchat Plus offers a ton of cool features and benefits for those who want to make the most out of Snapchat. From exclusive badges and customizations to early access to new features and insightful analytics, Snapchat Plus is a fantastic way to enhance your Snapchat experience.

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