Understanding Snapchat QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide
June 15, 2024

Understanding Snapchat QR Codes: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve been using Snapchat for a while, you’ve probably come across those quirky, scannable images known as Snapcodes.

It was introduced back in 2015, these little codes have become a game-changer, making it super easy to add friends, unlock cool filters, and even boost your marketing game.

Let’s dive into the world of Snapchat QR Codes and unravel their magic, with a friendly, positive vibe.

What is a Snapchat QR Code?

A Snapchat QR Code, or Snapcode, is a unique, scannable code that makes it easy to connect on Snapchat. Each user gets their own Snapcode, which you can scan to quickly add them as a friend. Snapcodes can also unlock fun filters or link to external content, making them super versatile and user-friendly, specifically designed to enhance your Snapchat experience.

How to Find Your Snapchat QR Code?

Finding your Snapcode is a breeze:

  1. Open Snapchat App: Just fire up the app on your phone.
  2. Access Profile: Click on your Bitmoji or profile icon in the top-left corner.
  3. View Your Snapcode: Voila! Your Snapcode is right at the top of your profile page. It’s the yellow square with black dots and your Bitmoji in the center. Easy peasy!

How to Scan a Snapchat QR Code?

Scanning a Snapcode is as simple as pie:

  1. Open Snapchat App: Open your app and make sure you’re on the camera screen.
  2. Point the Camera: Line up the Snapcode in your camera view.
  3. Scan the Code: Press and hold the screen over the Snapcode. Snapchat will do its magic, and you’ll be connected or unlock whatever cool feature the code is linked to.

Uses of Snapchat QR Codes

Snapcodes aren’t just for show; they’re super handy:

  1. Adding Friends: The fastest way to add new friends without fumbling with usernames. Just scan and you’re friends!
  2. Unlocking Filters and Lenses: Want to try a new filter or lens? Scan the Snapcode and get instant access to awesome effects.
  3. Accessing Content: Brands and creators use Snapcodes to link to websites, articles, and special promos. Just scan and you’re there!

Creating Custom Snapchat QR Codes

Creating your own Snapcodes is a snap (pun intended):

  1. Profile Snapcode: Each user gets one automatically.
  2. Website Snapcode:
    • Head to the Snapchat website (snapchat.com/create).
    • Pick the “Snapcode” option.
    • Enter the URL you want to link with QR code.
    • Download your Snapcode and share away!

Snapchat QR Code for Logging In

Logging into Snapchat with a Snapcode is super secure and convenient. On the web or other devices, choose the “Login with Snapcode” option, scan the code with your app, and you’re in!

Adding Snapchat QR Code to Home Screen

Want quick access? Add your Snapcode to your home screen. Save the Snapcode image to your phone. On iOS, use the “Add to Home Screen” option via Safari. For Android, add a shortcut to the image through widgets or settings.

Snapchat QR Code Scanner

Snapchat’s got a built-in QR code scanner. Just open the camera screen and hold it over any Snapcode. Snap, scan, done!

Snapchat Web by QR Code

You can even access Snapchat on the web using a Snapcode. Go to the web login page, scan the QR code with your app, and you’re ready to snap from your computer.

Marketing with Snapchat QR Codes

Snapcodes are a marketer’s dream:

  • Promotions: Link Snapcodes to special offers, discounts, and promos.
  • Engagement: Get users excited by scanning Snapcodes for exclusive filters or AR experiences.
  • Analytics: Track scans and interactions to see how your campaign is doing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add friends using a Snapchat QR code?

Just scan their Snapcode with the Snapchat camera, and their profile will pop up for you to add them.

What are the blue and brown Snapchat QR codes?

They’re variations of Snapcodes used for different content or promos, often by brands.

How do I add a Snapchat QR code to my home screen?

Save the Snapcode image, then add it to your home screen via your device’s settings or browser options.

How do I log in to Snapchat using a QR code?

Use the “Login with Snapcode” option on the web or other devices and scan the code with your Snapchat app.

Can I change my Snapchat QR code?

Nope, Snapcodes for profiles are unique and stay the same.

Can Snapchat scan regular QR codes?

Yep, Snapchat’s camera can handle regular QR codes too.

How do I share my Snapchat QR code?

Save your Snapcode as an image and share it through social media, messaging apps, or even print it on your business cards.

How do Snapchat QR codes work?

Snapcodes encode info that Snapchat decodes when scanned, doing things like adding friends or unlocking filters.

Can businesses use Snapcodes?

Absolutely! Businesses can use Snapcodes for marketing, promotions, and driving traffic to their websites.

How do I create a Snapcode for a custom filter?

Use Snapchat Lens Studio or visit the Snapchat website to design and generate a Snapcode linked to your custom filter.


Snapchat QR Codes are a fantastic way to enhance your Snapchat experience and boost your marketing efforts. They make adding friends, accessing content, and engaging with brands a breeze.

By understanding how Snapcodes work and how to use them effectively, you can make the most out of Snapchat’s dynamic platform.

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